We try to maintain a very high standard of quality. To help live up to that standard, there's several guidelines that should be followed.

First, and most importantly, all article content should be written in English with correct spelling and grammar. If you make some mistakes, don't be offended when your changes are edited to correct them and improve the article.

Second, stick to our standards for markup. In other words, follow these rules:

  • Don't put anything before the [minibox] tag, and the only things that should be added inside of it are list items ([*]This is an example)
  • Wrap each paragraph in [p] tags. That means that at the beginning of each paragraph, start with a [p], and at the end, finish with a [/p].
  • ?
  • Profit!

Third, use appropriate language. If you do, it'll be removed, and if you do it repeatedly, you'll be banned. It isn't hard to avoid it; your tone should be informational, not emotional.

Don't just copy and paste from other sources like DayZWiki. It's fine if you use them as references, but put your own spin on it. We want your content, not theirs.

Available Markup

  • [acronym="Bohemia Interactive Studio"]BIS[/acronym] -> BIS
  • [b]text[/b] -> bold text
  • [br] - Line break
  • [db=m4a1] -> M4A1. Use the name from the end of the URL of the database page, such as l85a2-aws, fn-fal-anpvs4, or remington-870-flashlight.
  • [h2]text[/h2], [h3]text[/h3], [h4]text[/h4] - Headers
  • [i]text[/i] -> italic text
  • [label=success]text[/label] -> text. Options are success, warning, important, info, inverse.
  • [list]
    [*]List item #1
    [*]List item #2
  • [rule] -> Horizontal rule
  • [url=http://dayzdb.com]DayZDB[/url] -> DayZDB
  • [url]http://dayzdb.com[/url] -> http://dayzdb.com