TOOLWooden Stick
TOOLAnimal lard.



Script Details


(quantity _tool1 > 0) && (quantity _tool2 >= 0.5)


_tool1 addQuantity -1;
_tool2 addQuantity -0.5;
if(quantity _tool1 < 1)then{deleteVehicle _tool1};
if(quantity _tool2 <= 0)then{deleteVehicle _tool2};
[_owner,format['I have made a %1.',displayName _result1],'colorAction'] call fnc_playerMessage;

What is this?

The condition and action scripts are bits of code used by the game to handle more complicated mechanics than can be expressed by just providing components and results.

The condition script adds restrictions on when a recipe can be crafted. If the expression in the condition evaluates to false, the recipe isn't available.
The action script allows the recipe to handle more complex inputs and outputs. For example, it's used when combining stacks of items to allow stacks of any sizes to be merged together.

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