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by alayton at 8:45pm

Welcome to DayZDB! Three weeks ago, I released a map that I had tried very hard to make the best. The feedback since then has been overwhelmingly positive, and the map has been a huge success.

Since that first release, there have been a few changes made.

  • I added a first pass of vehicle and fuel pump data, and have gotten lots of feedback on both; more updates on that will be coming soon.
  • The map was updated to use the in-game coordinates, helping you to find where you are and communicate that to other people more effectively.
  • The sidebar was completely revamped to take up less space and look much cleaner. Additionally, a button to toggle the sidebar was added after several people requested that option.

What's new today

Today, the update dwarfs all of that. First off, DayZDB is starting to live up to its name. Right now, we have entries for every weapon currently in DayZ with some precise data for each of them. Want to see how much damage your gun does? How far away zombies can hear it? Which magazines it can use? That's all there.

Some of the database pages have more: articles with tips and more information about the weapons. Soon, every page will have an article, and we'll also have pages for other equipment and more assorted topics as well.

Every database page also lets you add your own comments and screenshots. So, if we're missing something, you can add it yourself for everyone else to see right away.

All you need is an account, and they're very easy to create. If you have a Wowhead or ZAM account, you can log in with that right away. Otherwise, you can create an account by either signing up with an email and password, or you can use your Google account and skip passwords entirely.

As part of adding the database, the whole site got a brand new design courtesy of Lilith over at Wowhead. She's also created a new set of icons for the map, making it all look much better.

Where we go from here

Now that we have both a fantastic map and a growing database, the obvious next step is to tie them together. I'll be adding ways to highlight various information on the map, as well as linking back to the database from the map, such as in the loot lists.

One of the most requested features has been the ability for you to make your own markers and share them with friends. That's going to be coming soon, too. I won't be forgetting that the map is what brought most of you here; there's still a long list of improvements I'll be making.

These first three weeks have been awesome, and I hope that you all enjoy this release as much as I've enjoyed working on it. There's a massive amount of potential to make a fantastic resource for the entire DayZ community here, and I invite you all to join in on making it better every day.


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