Steam Wallet Giveaway!

by alayton at 6:53pm

July 18 marked DayZDB's first full month open to the public, and that's something worth celebrating! Thanks to all of you, it's been a tremendously successful month, and we want to give back to the people that have made it possible. We're giving away 10 Steam Wallet codes worth $20 USD each! (What's Steam Wallet?)

It's easy to enter: all you have to do is either upload a screenshot that gets approved, or make a useful edit to a database page. Each approved screenshot and accepted edit gives you another chance to win, so keep contributing to give yourself a better shot! The giveaway will end at 12PM PST on Monday, July 30, so get your entries in soon!

Submitting Screenshots

Submitting screenshots is very simple; all you need to do is log in, go to "Submit a screenshot" in the contribute section of the relevant database page, find your screenshot, and click upload! To increase your chances of having a screenshot accepted, try to resize or crop your screenshot to remove unimportant parts. The more screenshots a page has, the pickier we are about accepting new ones, so try to find pages that don't have any yet!

Editing Database Pages

Editing database pages is easy too: just click the edit button in the top right corner of the page. Be careful though, we're even pickier about our articles than with our screenshots! Any edits you make need to add something useful to the article.

For example, if all you do is fix a typo, that might not be enough. However, if you proofread it and make several corrections that improve the overall quality, that definitely counts. Best of all is adding new information that we're missing - but don't just copy and paste from somewhere else!

To make sure you know what we're looking for, we've put together a style guide to help you contribute to our articles. We've also added a way to see which edits have been accepted for a giveaway entry. On the edit page, there's a revisions tab that shows all of the changes that have been made. If your change has a ✓ by it, it counts! Be patient though, because we're reviewing all of these changes manually.

We've had a great first month, and even though we're a couple days late, help us make sure the coming months are even better!


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