We've just launched a massive update to the standalone map: thousands of new loot markers! On top of that, each one is clickable to see what items can spawn there. This is still an early version, but I think it's definitely a good start.

The changes in the way DayZ works now have also brought some changes to the way the loot map works. First, there's no longer such a thing as residential, industrial, military, etc spawns. Instead, spawns are categorized as Weapons, Equipment, Clothes, Supplies, or Medical based on a weighted ranking of amount of items available there.

The details on how that works are pretty simple. Each item belongs to a category, and each category is given a weight. There's a ton of different books, so they get a weight of 0.1, while there aren't many weapons, so they get a much higher weight. We go through all of the items that come from a spawn, add up their weights, and the category on top decides how the spawn is categorized. This means that a Weapons spawn isn't guaranteed to have any weapons spawned, but it's more likely that they'll be there than at other spawns.

Another change that helps in many cases is that each building can have multiple spawn areas, which each have their own type of loot. The fire stations, for example, have areas with names that tell you where those particular items can spawn: garage lockers, tower lockers, etc.

Again, this is an early version! I've made large changes to the way things work behind the scenes, and while I've made every effort to make sure things like custom marker sets still work, there's always the chance that I missed something. If you find something that's broken, send us an email or a tweet @DayZDB to let me know!


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