Site Updates (July 9, 2012)

by alayton at 11:30pm

What better way to start the week than with a fresh set of updates? In the launch announcement, I outlined a couple big features that I was going to be working on, and the first of them is already available. Here's a list of what's changed since launching the full site:

  • Map marker tweaks to make them more distinct and easier to recognize, while keeping the prettier look.
  • Loot search! One of the most requested features since the map went up is now available. Just start typing the item you want to find in the search box on the map sidebar, and it'll help you find what you're looking for.
  • Linking your item searches. Just like you can copy the map URL to show friends where you're looking on the map, now you can copy it to show the item spawn you want too.
  • Items in the map loot lists now link to their respective database pages. Just click a marker, and then the item you want to find more information about!
  • Database pages have a link back to the map showing where that item can spawn. It's in the Quick Facts box!
  • Database comments now sort by a weighted score. This just means that the higher rated a comment is, the closer to the top of the comments.

Adding your own content

Part of what makes a site like this shine is the ability for everyone to add their own little touches. You can do that by writing comments on database pages, rating other comments, and submitting screenshots. Rating comments is especially easy, and helps to make it easier for the rest of the community to find relevant and helpful information.

All you need is an account, and they're very easy to create. If you have a Wowhead or ZAM account, you can log in with that right away. Otherwise, you can create an account by either signing up with an email and password, or you can use your Google account and skip passwords entirely.

Stuff is missing!

If you're looking for 1.7.2 data, don't get too excited - there's not many changes that would be reflected here. In fact, the loot tables didn't change at all, which seems strange with the addition of bear traps. I'm looking into whether the way they worked changed, but for now, the data on the site is the most current I have.

There's a bunch of newly added articles that don't have anything in them. All of the equipment pages were added today so that the links from the map went to a real page. You can post comments and screenshots, and actual articles should be coming soon.

Still to come

The next big thing coming will be improved markers. This includes more accurate vehicle and fuel pump markers, adding in missing markers that some of you have sent in, as well as allowing you to make and share your own sets of markers. That last one's a big one, and something a ton of people have been asking for since the map went live. I can't wait to make it happen for all of you.


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