New Feature: Custom Markers!

by alayton at 7:54am

It's taken several weeks to get right, but the single most requested feature is finally ready to be revealed: custom markers! It's taken a lot of trial and error, but I think we've come up with something both easy to use and powerful - the default markers are just an automatically included custom set now, for example.

Marker sets menu

To help you get started, let's walk through an example of how it can be used. To get started, the first thing you need to do make sure you're logged in - otherwise, you can't create or edit any markers. Once you're logged in, open the Marker sets window from the Controls menu in the top right corner of the map.

Marker sets window

In the Marker sets window, you can share, show, hide, or remove sets from you map. If you're allowed to, this is also where you edit them. It will also show you all of the sets you've created and let you easily add them to your map. What we're interested in right now is creating a set, though. To do that, just click the Create set header to expand that box, and it'll show you the form that will create the new set.

Create marker set

The create set form is super simple. The name field is just what the set will be called in the set list and in password prompts. The password is optional, and if it's left blank, it won't be required. If you do set a password, it'll ask people for it when they try to add it. If they're logged in, they won't have to enter it again unless it changes, but logged out users will have to enter it each time they try to load it. Finally, the access options let you specify whether other people can edit your map or not, or if they're prevented from seeing it at all.

Marker edit panel

Once the set is created, it'll show up in Current sets section, and you can click the edit button to start adding your markers. To add a marker, click the New marker button, and then click on the map where you want to create it. Once it's created, setting the name will change what text shows up when you mouse over the marker. The type determines which icon it shows. Finally, the building field sets what thumbnail image is shown when the marker is selected, as well as what loot information is shown, if any exists. Once you've finished making those changes to each marker, click the Save button. Then, when you're done with editing all of the markers, click Save markers. You can then click Finish editing to go back to the normal map.

With all of that done, you now have a map with your own markers on it! To share it with your friends, you can click the Share button in the Marker sets windows, and it'll give you a URL that will load the set for them when they go to it. If you set a password, make sure to give it to them too, because it will ask them for it when they click your Share link.

Hopefully all of this makes some sense to everyone, and more importantly, I hope you'll all enjoy finally being able to share your own maps with friends. There's more stuff planned for this soon; once finished, you'll be able to create paths as well. I've still got a long list of new features and improvements to work on, and I'm looking forward to rolling out more of these updates soon.


By flatLINE on 2013/02/17 at 9:15am

Any way of placing square (Medium value) and circle (High value) military/industrial/civilian/farm markers? The only ones available afaik are the low value (little circles), bigger ones would be really useful.

By Wightpants on 2013/02/18 at 2:11am

Once I've placed markers and saved them, I can't delete them. If I click on them on the map, I just get a picture of them on the right-hand panel. If I select 'edit' from the marker sets window, they disappear! Tried on Firefox and IE with same problem.

By Noosa on 2013/02/27 at 7:30pm

How do i mark High value?

By BC-NickJames on 2013/03/06 at 9:52am

Agreed, i just utlilized this tool (awesome, btw), but i cannot seem to mark anything but low value military, industrial, residential, or farm. How do we make markers medium or high value?

By Bloodx-x on 2013/04/04 at 8:01am

Hey there, I just tried creating a set, did the markers and saved them, but when I go back to the map it's just blank again, any idea what I'm doing wrong? :(

By Huck on 2013/07/01 at 5:11pm


By MarkH on 2013/12/25 at 4:55am

Hey, where can i download image of the DayZ SA map with high resolution?

By wingtip on 2013/12/26 at 3:28pm

after i created my account and got verified and logged in the "controls" tab for the markers is no longer there... did i miss something or is the system down right now or????????

By petef92 on 2013/12/31 at 11:45am

is there a way to get the contours up?

By Nicolay on 2014/01/04 at 9:07pm

I can't figured out how to add my own marker? I see no "Add Marker" button and I have my own set created. Please help.

By eran100 on 2014/01/06 at 5:32am

I don't see the creat marker thingy

By wsarris on 2014/01/06 at 6:24pm

OK so i may just be completely missing this but i cannot find the New Marker button. I create a set, go to current sets, add it to map and nothing happens. the screen goes back to the Chern map and thats it. No Marker button appears for me to edit or add markers to the map. Any help?

By alayton on 2014/01/06 at 7:31pm

To create markers, you first have to start editing the set from the list.

By Bronies117 on 2014/01/07 at 9:52am

Where is the New Marker button? I press edit, bu t it just leaves the Marker Menu.

By alayton on 2014/01/07 at 11:19am

There was a bug, it's been fixed now.

By Roughneck2-0 on 2014/01/12 at 5:43am

Hello. The New Marker bug seems to rear its head again. Using Chrome v31.0.1650.63 m (Stable) and can't see the New Marker button, etc.

BTW: On the latest stable FireFox (v26.0) there's no way to actually see the Marker Sets. You can only create them, but you won't see'em. Later, while logging to DayZDB's account via Chrome you'll see'em.

Edited by Roughneck2-0 on 2014/01/12
By ColonalTuna on 2014/01/27 at 10:51am

Hey, I was thinking, would you be able to make a group feature? like someone can host a map (that saves) and invite people to look at it?would be great for groups of people to coordinate, and handy when I hold down cities.

By TheLexoPlexx on 2016/03/28 at 5:56am

I'd love to see some right-click add-a-new-marker-here feature. ;)

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