Mid-January Updates

by alayton at 5:30am

It's been a busy start of the year! DayZ has just seen its first major patch of the year, and we've just finished updating the site for it. There's lots of new items included, such as shotguns, spray paint, and some new attachments. On the map itself, a whole new city was added to the northeast corner.

Another couple features that I recently added to the map help you judge distances. The most accurate is a simple rangefinder: just click two points on the map, and it'll show you how far apart they are. The other is a grid for quick and dirty range estimations. Depending on how zoomed in the map is, the grid has either 1km, 500m, or 100m squares.

The bulk of the last two weeks have been spent working on item data. Soon you'll be able to browse through all of the items and crafting recipes in the game, kind of like you can for the mod - except better. That should be live within a week - I'm still hard at work on it!


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