DayZ Mod: Updated for 1.7.7!

by alayton at 4:31am

For the first time since February, DayZ has gotten an official update! The new version, 1.7.7, brings a ton of changes, as well as hints of more to come. Here's a quick rundown of the standout changes:

  • Zombies are more dangerous. It's harder to lose them, they can knock you down, and new "viral" versions are more likely to cause infections.
  • Starting gear has changed to a Bandage, Road Flare, and a random choice between another Bandage and Painkillers.
  • M1911, Revolver, and Makarov PM damage was increased to pre-1.62 levels. Machete, Hatchet, and Crowbar damage was substantially increased.
  • Loot tables have been heavily changed, with deer stands getting military weapons again.
  • A huge amount of new loot spawns have been added, but with lower chances of loot than previous spawns.
  • A lot more. A full list can be found here.

Let's put a number on the number of new loot spawns added: over 2000. Loot now has a chance to be found at car wrecks, piles of rubble and trash, sheds, and around some closed buildings. To balance this out, it seems that the chance of loot spawning at any given point has gone down, so while it may seem harder to find loot, that might change as players get used to the new spawn points.

Next stop: Standalone! Hopefully.


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