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A cardbox box with 'Contains 20 7.62x51 rifle cartridges' written on it. Presumably contains 20 rounds in a disposable cardboard wrapper.

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By KahLeeb-008 on 2014/08/25 at 10:26pm

Not ALL 7.62x54r is corrosive, but the cheap surplus stuff people usually use (because of price) is. My only point is that its not implausible that you could find non-corrosive ammo, but it would likely be in a modern-looking box. If you want the devs to be more realistic than they already are, then you should ask them to add those big 440rnd 7.62x54r surplus cans as a rare item (that's what most people usually buy in reality) and require a can opener to get them open like in real life. And then replace the current Mosin ammo box with the little canvas enclosures that hold stacks of 20rnds that come inside those surplus cans. It does kinda bother me though that Mosin ammo in the game has the name "7.62" rather than the full 7.62x54r.. only because there are multiple 7.62 caliber guns in the game and its confusing when your buddy says "i found some 7.62" and then you have to ask which one specifically, and if they don't know guns then they don't know what you mean and... well its just annoying.

By Grimfang on 2014/04/15 at 8:25am

I agree with Flat-Dak, I had a Mosin. 7.62x54R is the correct round, kicks like a mule with the original wooden stock. 5 round internal box magazine, and the Mil Surp ammo IS corrosive! You have to clean it with ammonia first (to neutralize the chemicals in the primer) THEN the regular cleaning solvent. Gun cleaner itself will not neutralize the corrosive primer and your barrel will degrade. Factoid - if I remember correctly the 91/30 stands for the Mosin of 1891 to 1930. BUT...if we're being picky about the details of the cleaning kit, though, we have to be picky about mounting a scope. I had to cut the bolt handle & replace it with a turned-down one to allow the action to work with a scope, as the original sticks straight out & you can't work the action with a normal scope mounted...the gunsmithing took a week to do, by the way.

Edited by Grimfang on 2014/04/15
By FJC4WD on 2014/03/13 at 12:57pm

How do you open the wrapper? and will this round fit the mosin?

Edited by FJC4WD on 2014/03/13
By Flat-Dak on 2014/02/05 at 5:32pm

7.62x51 is .30 NATO, or .308. This is the round used in the M14, M40, M24, M73 coaxial machine gun, and numerous other military and civilian firearms. That being said, the Mosin Nagant has never, in its 130 year existence, been chambered in it. The correct ammo for the Nagant is 7.62x54r. All military grade 54r ammo is corrosive, and weapon degeneration should be affected by this ammo more than any of the other ammo in the game. Justifies the existence of the cleaning kit.


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