Class name ?
Size ?
Capacity ?
2x2 (4)
Absorbency ?
Melee Range
Swing Time ?
0.5 secs

In-game Description

A large metal storage box presumably for holding ammunition. The box has 'Contains 300 x 5.56mm cartridges' written on it's side in yellow paint. Can only contain Ammunition.

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By Mythricia on 2014/02/02 at 11:13am

(DayZ SA version 114557)

Can currently be placed inside of a Small Protector Case, taking up 4 slots, leaving another 2 inside the Protector Case. This means you can essentially fit 10 slots worth of ammo inside the space of only 2x2 (the size of a protector case), with another 2 slots still remaining inside the Protector Case.

Expect this to be fixed very soon, as they recently fixed being able to stack Protector Cases inside other Protector Cases.

No screenshots yet!


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