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The M14 is arguably the most versatile rifle in DayZ. The high damage it outputs, coupled with a high rate of fire, low recoil, and one-shot kill capabilities make it a menacing foe, against both players and zombies. It has the exact same damage per shot as the DMR.

Featuring an Aimpoint non-magnified sight, the M14 is accurate at long range, and kills zombies with one shot no matter where it lands. The sight also allows you to continue using NV Goggles while aiming, making it more usable during the night.

The M14 AIM shares the same ammunition as its high-powered scoped brother, the DMR. DMR Mag. can be converted into four 5Rnd. M24 by right-clicking on the magazine in your inventory. Four 5Rnd. M24 can also be converted back into a single DMR Mag..

By SmilingBandit on 2012/07/29 at 1:03pm

While strolling the northern lands in solitude at night the following set of weapons has proven to be quite effective:

  • a DMR for first round hits at 400m+
  • a M14 AIM for fast paced action
  • a M9SD for not waking up the neighborz

Both primary weapons - DMR and M14 AIM - are powerful and use the same magazines. This allows to carry less magazines (which can be found everywhere) and use the saved space for other important things (like cooked meat).

By Vylent on 2012/07/05 at 7:20pm

Tested with a few friends... seems to do 8k to players per shot. so 2 hit KO. Will probably be going through and testing every gun eventually but this is the one that stuck out to me the most. also the bullet drop seems nonexistent.

By Sm0kPurp on 2012/07/21 at 10:09pm

Another thing worth mentioning is that because it does not use the normal sniper scope, when you're wearing the NV goggles and scope in with this rifle your NV stays active.

By SatiX on 2012/07/11 at 1:31am

7999 dmg/per hit

By jokerzhe on 2012/09/02 at 10:42am

Hard to beat, the only guns that can beat this in the right hands is the as50 from kilo's away, the fn fal if you're lucky, and the L85.

By Beiez on 2012/08/25 at 7:03am

First: This is my Baby. I think im using it long enough to tell you something about it: Second: Yes, this is a Sniper. You can shoot players about 400 meters and the bullet drop seems not to be there. Third: This weapon is a beast. You shoot a player and hes down with one shot. another good aimed shot and hes dead. Fourth:Ammo for this seems to be everywhere. I found it at Firestations, Stary and Cherno Tents, Barracks, Crash sites and also in normal civil houses. Finally, in my opinion the best allround weapon in the whole game, and a really good combination with an m24 because u can convert one dmr magazine in 4 M24 magazines.

By BanditKiller on 2012/07/29 at 4:26am

By far this is my favorite weapon because I can raid towns/N.W.A.F with this weapon or protect my clan by sniping this weapon. It hits right on target 600 m out haven't had to shoot anything further yet.

Edited by BanditKiller on 2012/07/29
By bK- on 2012/07/06 at 3:40pm

I do agree with Vylent on this one. The bullet drop seems not to be there to at least 500 meters out. Anything further than that then the shot begins to drop some.

By Maxthe222 on 2013/10/13 at 2:56pm

M14's are really good weapons for the north side, like airfields and open fields. The reason why it's really good is it gives you the power of a sniper rifle to use as a normal rifle, so you don't have to wait for a good shot to line up, you can run up and pop a few shots while still being able to have a field of view around you. It's faster for switching targets, so if a zombie is running up behind you, you can scope in a lot faster than you would with the DMR. Also, because it is compatible with NVGs, it gives you a much better chance against Bigger Snipers in low light situations.

Edited by Maxthe222 on 2013/10/13
By ColakuesstOrange on 2013/05/29 at 11:20pm

Battle rifle, not a sniper rifle.

By dancingbanana23 on 2013/02/18 at 2:14am

Best gun in the game :D

By ThomasCaser on 2012/09/01 at 5:05am

I think that it's worth comparing this gun to the fabled FN-FAL. Same damage, more accurate with a better cross-hair, same rate of fire (assuming you're set to semi on the FAL) and the same clip size. Let's also not forget that its' ammunition is found under pillows and in kitchen sinks... By far and away my favorite gun in the game (aside from the DMR and the M4A1 CCO SD).

By Thaua on 2012/08/17 at 6:54am

Can't confirm where it zeroes, but the relatively flat trajectory makes the scope good for some 500m. At 400m I could't aim properly to try for a headshot, however the bullet frequently landed at the shoulder, chest or neck, and at 500m it's difficult to hit your target, but I may say that this gun's effective range is beyond 400m, however, since there isn't zoom, a target at 500m will be nothing but a dot. Maybe you'll get better shooting with a bigger monitor (mine is 22"). It obeys the same damage principle as the DMR. -5 damage each meter the bullet travels.

edit: where as "effective range", read "you can still hit your target", however, 500m is hard to hit.

Edited by Thaua on 2012/08/17
By Completionism on 2012/07/19 at 7:52am

Although the DayzDB categorizes this as a sniper rifle - probably due to its lack of selective firing modes, it's more accurately a battle rifle. For sniping purposes see its brother, the DMR.

It can be hard to find one of these in Chernarus, but I never walk past it without picking it up.

Edited by Completionism on 2012/08/04
By Romeo on 2012/07/08 at 6:35am

Just got this for the first time the other day, looking Very forward to trying it out :)

By SniperOfBalota on 2014/04/20 at 8:27pm

SmilingBandit this combo works very well at balota. The M14 AIM for close to medium range while going through barracks or entering firestations, the DMR for clearing out would-be snipers at the top of firestations or on sniper hill 300+ yards away, and the M9 SD to clear out zombies with minimal agro.

By LivingPixel on 2013/03/07 at 7:51am

Extremely reliable. Its (for me) better than any of the CCO's. The bullets seem to travel pretty fast, as you will have no trouble hitting a GAZ speeding past you in 50 km/h with a couple of shots. However, this is not a DMR. You wont hit over ranges at 200 m, although I recommend only using this is close combat, since it extremely reliable there.

Who needs full auto when you have M14 AIM?

By Ascender on 2013/02/21 at 2:21am

Has the exact same sound signature as the DMR (without sound mods at the least) and equal power as well, that said it having the same sound it also pulls zombies in equal measures so beware. Dropped my M4A3 CCO in favour for this gun a week or 2 ago and i have yet to regret it. The power is addicting and the ammo is very common, combined with a DMR and logistics become very simplistic. Rate of Fire is determined by how fast you can use the left mouse button. The sight is as identical as makes no difference to any CCO weapon and any CCO user will be instantly familiar with it, does have quite a kick though.

Edited by Ascender on 2013/02/21
By elephantboy99 on 2013/01/21 at 2:16am

My favorite rifle, Great if your alone. Provides great fire power and shoots as fast as you can click. I once shot 2 People out of a car with this thing. the scope is great too

By LaserGuidedFish on 2012/12/22 at 5:12am

Love this thing. Had a firefight with a bandit, he had an ak74u and I had this. He didn't hit me once, and I took him out in one shot. It's an awesome gun.

By Philippe on 2012/12/03 at 4:06pm

By far my favorite gun. Ridiculous precision, 1 shot knockout most of the time, great sights, can pretty much shoot as far as your normal eye can see, great in close quarters as well. Plus it looks cool and more original than a typical M16/M4.

I also only use my pistol (or running) against zombies so the noise is not a big concern for me.

By IceTalon on 2012/11/29 at 1:54am

This gun is extremely easy to fire and kill with against zombies or players. When I am bored I sit in the NW fire-station or other building and just drop zombies left and right. Quite funny to cause military zombies drop the mags so its never ending! Yesterday I killed some 80+ zombies within just a few minutes. This gun is very easy to aim with, I wish more guns had a sight like it lol, it is so easy to fire, change targets, and fire again. The M14 is my baby and I highly suggest it to anyone lol.

By koziolek370 on 2012/08/23 at 10:04am

One of my favourite weapons

Edited by koziolek370 on 2012/08/23
By Jallen on 2012/08/16 at 11:59pm

Is this gun zero'd to 400m like the DMR or what? I notice there's no zeroing, so to what range is the red dot accurate?

By OminousPenguin on 2012/08/08 at 11:41am

Just in case anyone doesn't realise from the down votes, snortlepig is incorrect. Aimpoint sights have parallax reducing technology, they do not have mini psychic range finding pixies inside them which A) know what your target is, B) find the range to that target and C) adjust the sight appropriately.

By acasualbanana on 2012/07/31 at 3:09pm

Damn powerful, I've dropped opponents in 2 shots to the chest with it.

It makes a scary noise, too. Pretty freaky to be on the receiving end of it.

By thatguyjames on 2012/07/16 at 12:54pm

My mates call this one the bone breaker. Great for ethier killing a bandit straight out or if your like us smash them in the legs and then find out what there intentions are. Great for medium range contact and from my raids in cherno it is a capable sniper weapon and gerenal zombie culling gun.

By Matinek on 2014/01/05 at 1:27pm

I don't get it. Why are you all obsessed about this gun? No, seriously, why? Statistically it's terrible compared to the Mk 48 Mod 0 and they both even use the same sight. I'm sorry to ruin your flop but this gun is simply not as good like some people might imagine. Helicopters are pretty much immune to it's firepower. Vehicles that actually stand their ground such as Vodniks are almost invincible to it, and while yes, players aren't immune to bullets, I'd consider something that fires more than one bullet every second. It's logical that you'd want a sexy gun and while I do agree, M14 AIM has that (Sexyness does also improve your efficiency, at least that's my only excuse for doing better with the Original rather than the stock rocket launcher in TF2.). Personally the FN FAL takes the crown for best battle rifle, considering the burst fire option can instantly kill a player, making it best vs. groups, because with the M14 you might only wound them, letting the team simply blood bag and keep going, which isn't the case if your shot was 100% deadly.

By T3chn0The0ry on 2013/03/26 at 7:54am

It's a FAL but better.

By Beez on 2012/08/23 at 3:39pm

It's strange. This weapon has the same muzzle velocity and bullet trajectory as the DMR, but I'm far more effective against zombies with this. I think the simple sight allows me to just shoot at a zombie, instead of using the telescopic optics and mil dots to try to score ultra-precise headshots on moving targets. This gun is a terrific choice for both PvZ and PvP, very much in line with the pre-patch Enfield in terms of substantial damage and matching sound output. If you find one, you won't be disappointed by its performance.

By devlkiller0 on 2012/08/14 at 5:11pm

I found this weapon in a barn near Elektro.

By Zapador on 2012/08/12 at 1:53pm

I have been running around with this gun for several days together with a friend who is using the M4A1 CCO. The audible range of 180 meters compared to just 80 meters with the M4A1 makes the M14 a lot less useful as a "general purpose" weapon. He can relatively safely fire his gun without getting into much trouble, even in or near cities/villages. I am on the other hand sure to attract every single zombie within miles - or at least that's how it feels.

I used the FN FAL AN/PVS-4 before and it has the same damage and audible range as the M14, making them very similiar with the only real difference being the aimpoint sight vs the nightvision scope.

Since the FAL has a scope and is what I would consider a real sniper rifle compared to the M14, the audible range seems to be less of a problem with the FAL since you're likely to use it from further away.

I don't agree with categorizing the M14 AIM as a sniper rifle. It is definitely capable of long range shots but the no-magnification sight make long range shots a lot less accurate and difficult compared a properly scoped rifle, such as the M24 or FAL AV/PVS-4.

But for close or mid range action this gun is a beast, no doubt about that.

Concerning bullet drop and the aimpoint sight, and snortlepigs comment with the claim: "Due to the way the optics in aimpoint sights work bullets are always supposed to hit on the red dot, its not because of the bullet trajectory."

I have tested this gun and can confirm that the sight does not compensate for distance/bullet drop. At several hundred meters one will have to aim above the desired point of impact.

By Completionism on 2012/07/30 at 10:29am

Haywire - Because some people use it to shoot players.

By Haywire on 2012/07/30 at 2:41am

Completionism i do not agree with you. Yes, on long range the red dot can be in the way of getting a headshot, but why do you need a headshot when the shots are a one hit kill in the body?..


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