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The AH-6X is the smallest and the slowest helicopter in DayZ. The AH-6X is also known as Littlebird, Currently there is just only two spawnpoint on Chernarus. These are Devil's Castle and North East Airfield

The Littlebird is a very nimble helicopter, because of that is is very easy to fly, especially for beginners. Important is, the AH-6X has (in constrast to the MH-6J) no guns and no gunner seats.


To fully repair an Ah-6X, the following parts are required:

German Information

Der AH-6X ist der kleinste und ebenso der Langsamste Hubschrauber in DayZ. Er ist ebenfalls unter dem Spitznamen Littlebird bekannt. Derzeit gibt es auf der Katze Chernarus nur zwei offizielle Spawnpunkte. Diese sind Devil's Castle und das Nordöstliche Airfield.

Der Littlebird ist ein sehr wendiger Hubschrauber, gerade dies sorgt dafür, dass er sehr einfach zu fliegen ist, und ihn damit, besonders für Anfänger, zu dem perfekten Hubschrauber macht. Wichtig ist, der AH-6X hat (im Gegensatz zum MH-6J) keine Waffen und keine Waffenschützen-Sitze


Im einen AH-6X komplett zu reparieren (alle Teile sind rot) benötigen Sie folgende Bauteile:

By GovernorOsiris on 2013/04/14 at 1:56am

This helicopter will rarely go above 150kph despite what is sayd here. It is the ultimate scouting vehicle in the game, the slow speed makes it ideal for scouting forests. You even survive most crashes while remaining in the chopper. Shit got real.

Edited by GovernorOsiris on 2013/04/14
By -YLH-Tlomz on 2013/09/04 at 6:12pm

In my opinion it is one of the better helicopters in the game. Hard to hit due to the size, quite compared to other DayZ helicopters, and great for a lone ranger or small squad. Also it may be hard to fly and land but if you learn it can be rewarding.

By Ascender on 2013/02/21 at 2:15am

Got one of these babies fixed up in DayZ and have since done a fair ammount of practice in the normal ArmA with it as well. Always a joy to fly. Interior space appears to be quite limited indeed, only taking on about 7 or 8 jerrycans with a few other loose items, add to that it only has 2 seats and can only allow 1 passanger as one of them is obviously the pilot. That said, it's endurance appears to be in the area of 90 minutes (by my rough calculations, 7.5 roundtrips from the north to cherno and back). This is with a full feul tank, have any glass missing of even a damaged piece and it will leak like a sieve. Had 1 damaged glass, put 2 jerrycans in, both leaked out already before i got get another 2 jerrycans from a nearby (<50m) stash. I would still say the best thing is scrap metal is the solution to everything, "Missiles"? scrap metal "Hull"? scrap metal "Tail rotor?" scrap metal.

Just did a full lap of the map (cherno) and it took about 1 1/4 bar of feul off the total (6 bars). Did not find other helo's unfortunatly =p.

And to add as general information. You can land this helicopter quite hard but it is vital you land it horizontally, atleast where ArmA is concerned if you touch the ground even slightly with your tail it will damage your helicopter sometimes severely.

Edited by Ascender on 2013/02/21
By tykeith on 2013/05/03 at 12:26pm

Actual top speed is around 100-120 kph. If you tip the nose down you can get it going a little faster but you wont be able to maintain altitude.

By Honeymonster on 2013/02/07 at 5:03am

The little bird! :D Its not really worth repairing unless you don't have a heli, they are smaller and easier to lose control of then the Mi-17 and the Huey so don't take pilot lessons in it...

By DaLastSurvivor on 2013/01/11 at 2:27am

Please note their are no guns on this heli, unlike the UH-1H Huey.

By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/05/05 at 9:43pm

This is ideal for base hunters but it goes slow enough for an as50 to be able to shoot it down quickly and easily


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